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1019 Newark Road.  Toughkenamon, PA.  19374
Photo Gallery
Generator being lifted onto our tractor trailer for transport.
Frameless dump trailer being uprighted.  Tractor was removed first since it did not roll with the trailer.
Loaded septic tanker rolled after hitting concrete culvert and telephone pole.  Tanker was uprighted while still loaded and towed to customers yard.
Propane tanker was uprighted, while still loaded, after hitting embankment.
Tractor trailer was uprighted with no additional damage.
Loaded trash truck over embankment.
Backhoe overturned in creek.
Water tanker rolled over down embankment.  Tractor was torn away from trailer during accident.
Slider not properly pinned.  Trailer had to be unloaded before we could lift and tow it.
Undecking new trucks.
Roll-off truck in ditch.
Loaded dump truck in sinkhole.
Moving a 40' container.
Loaded tanker rolled over.
Jacknifed tractor trailer vs. Dodge Ram pickup.
Loaded box truck wedged under bridge.
Trailer needed to be lifted to remove boulder that was wedged between the trailer axles.
Recreational vehicle ran off roadway after being in an accident with a passenger car.
Driver attempted to unhook trailer on unlevel ground and forget to lower the landing gear.
Boat with no trailer needed to be moved and held for police investigation.